Sunday, September 25, 2005

It is the end of the world as we know it. The Bengals are 3-0.

It was a long weekend. Friday night Micole had Bunko, so Cooper and I were on our own. We enlisted Pappy for dinner at a local restaurant. At one point Cooper stood up on the table while Pappy held him. I just had the feeling Coop was doing it to intimidate the other babies in the restaurant with his gifted physical prowess. Yes, if the NFL drafted infants, Cooper would be a first round draft pick, a real life bonus baby. He is so physically active. It has gotten to the point where you can't leave anything within his reach that you don't want him to grab. If I weren't a little quicker than him, I would've had a basket full of french fries with ketchup on my lap.

On Saturday morning Micole left to do some work, leaving us boys together for a peaceful morning. I like having alone time with Cooper. I just wish he would wait to poop until Mommy got home. For awhile I thought it might take some Windex and 409 with a scrubbing pad to get all of that crap off of his behind and his other nooks and crevaces that had been breached. If it had been any worse, I would've been inclined to hose the poor boy down.

When Mommy got home, I got caught up in some things and completely forgot about the Ohio State-Iowa game until there was 6 minutes left in the game. Thankfully the Bucks didn't need my karma to beat the Hawkeyes. So no big deal. Plus, Michigan lost to Wisconsin. What a good day.

Micole and I started in a bowling league Saturday night. We had to take Cooper to stay with Grandma Stella, which required packing up almost everything Cooper has. We were staying down there for the night, but you would've almost thought we were going away for a weekend.

As far as the bowling goes, I'm not a bad bowler at all, but I have not bowled in a few years. It takes a little time to get back into the proper rhythm. Micole, however started off like gangbusters. She beat me in the first game. Of course I didn't think I was competing with her, but against the OTHER team. So I was a little perturbed at first by her attitude, but then I realize I usually beat her at everything, so I kind of understand.

The first game I barely broke 100, which I felt was really bad. I've bowled 100 left handed before. I got my game together and beat the crap out of Micole the next two games (we were playing the other team right?). In the last game I came so close to having 7 straight strikes to start off the game. On my first roll of each frame I had a total of 3 strikes and 4 9's. If only those 4 pins would've fallen I would've easily had a 220 for the game and I would've beaten Micole by almost 120, but of course it's about beating the other team and not my teammate.

Today, we went to Grandpa Mike's house to watch the Bengals beat the Bears and celebrate Aunt Heather's "43rd" birthday. Actually I think she's only 32 or 33, but she figures that if she tells people that she's older, they'll think she looks really good for her age.

Cooper was pumped up and ready for the Bengals-Bears game.

This little Bengals fan slept through most of the game.

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Cooper hangs out with his cousin Logan.

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Sometimes it seems to me like Cooper is getting so big, so fast. This picture with Uncle Mikey, puts that thought into perspective.

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The word on the street is that Cooper no longer likes peas. At one time they were his favorite. It won't be much longer before he'll be eating solid foods. He's got two teeth in. I haven't seen them yet because he always sticks his tongue out at me when I try to look in his mouth, but I have felt them.

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mini me's momma said...

Ooooooo, we're jealous! We're STILL waiting for teeth...if only that was something imitatable for Nicholas too is one for "If he/she can do that, I can too".